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It ain't a newscast until I hear FREE BIRD!!!
Oh such news! I went out with Sean tonight (He's who I'm hanging out with now. Guy, who was before him, had very strange intimacy issues, I'll have to get into them later) and we started talking about his work again. He has a really cool job for the FOX morning show, where basically any sound you hear or music played is because of him. He chooses the music going to and from commercial breaks, so I asked him if he'd play Free Bird tomorrow during the show. He said he said he would, or would play something Lynyrd Skynyrd for me at some point during the show, between 8:30 and 9. Oh, I'm excited. Maybe I'll even have to tape it. Yes, it's these weird little things I get excited about. So if anyone in SD is reading this before tomorrow morning, be sure to watch FOX 6 news and hear my song!
So far, he's a nice guy. We found him a Halloween costume tonight and he got me some earings. Very sweet. So be sure to listen for my song tomorrow during the morning show and have your lighter handy! :P
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