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And the Silver Metal goes to...
Grr! I seem to be noticing a pattern with my bigger interviews lately. After my interview with the Ed. dept. at the Aquarium, the girl told me it was down to me and another girl and they were trying to decide between us. They ended up going with the other girl based on a minor thing she had that I didn't. I had a big interview with UCSD in their Ed. Enrichment program this week and one of the women just called to tell me that they are down to me and another person and they are trying to decide now. I told her that I use a magnifier program on Windows today, so I hope they don't base their decision on that. That would sure be messed up though, wouldn't it, for them to say "Well, this other guy can see a little better than she can. Let's just give it to them." Now I have a headache. The night before this interview, Sean kept saying, "You shouldn't be nervous, you'll get it." He's very sweet. That'll be funny if he's actually right. I hope I don't come in second again, but there's nothing I can do if I do...
except for maybe plotting the other candidate's demise. :P
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