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Working Girl
I've had a crazy past few days. On Wednesday, I got offered that position at UCSD that I mentioned in my last entry. It's very exciting, yet nerve wracking at the same time, especially considering they want me to start tomorrow. I hope they don't want me to do any Excel this week, because I definitely need to practice first. I'm so nervous, but I guess the worst they could do is fire me. I just HATE having to get up at the crack of dawn for anything and, for this job, I have to BE THERE at 8. My first salaried position too. Ooh, fancy!
I'm scared, but at least I had yet another awesome weekend with Sean to distract me. He's so awesome. Things are so great lately (well, excluding the fact that Louie peed on my suitcase for some reason. Well at least it was the black one.) I really hope all the greatness lasts (and that I don't jinx anything by enjoying it so much)! Pray that all the great stuff lasts, I'll do the same for you too! :)

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Oooh, Congratulations, and welcome to the buearacracy of UCSD! What department are you in?? What building?

LOL, thanks! That's funny, a woman I'll be working with was just talking about the buearacracy of UCSD today. Aren't you at the Cancer Center? I'm working in the Student Center B building, right next to Mandeville. I get to peak out my office window at everyone hanging out at the little coffee place right there. :)

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