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Filled with Valentines spirit...and way too much food
The thing about staying in and making dinner on Valentines Day is, sure you miss the crowds and you get to focus more on each other, but you're also left with about a months worth of extra food. Sean actually ate way more than I did tonight, wich is highly unusual for us. And we barely made a dent in the brownies he made. That was pretty cruel of him to leave all of that evil chocolate behind for me to finish off. Why does VDay have to be on a weeknight, combined with the fact that he has to wake up at 2 am for work? None the less, what a great evening. I feel bad because he got me a present and I didn't get him anything. Well, blame it on my severe lack of experience in actually having a date for VDay. Actually, come to think of it, Jeremy always got my presents too and I never got him anything either. Oh well, I'm a bitch, what can I say?
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