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Wow, this thing is still active? Does anyone use this anymore? Wow, total San Diego flashbacks! How retro, kind of like MySpace.
Well, this could be a fun way to journal. I kind of do on twitter, but they have the character limit, and on there it's mainly for David G.s entertainment. He's the funniest Hasid I know. Well, one of the funniest people I know anyway. Anyway...
It is interesting to see some of these old entries. 5 1/2 years + old? Crazy! Interesting to think how hung up on that Sean loser I was. And yes, he did marry another whale a couple years later. I was clearly too hot for him, too good for him overall anyway. Interesting too to see me bitch about not driving, since ironically, I've finally been blessed to start my drivers training this past Saturday. I love driving! It's so tiring, but I so hope I pass the exam on the 19th. The newfound independence will be so incredible, there are no words.
I still kind of feel the same way about guys and definitely about not wanting to die a spinster. Still no "real" relationships, though I screwed over poor Dave by not having feelings for him and not being as direct as I should have been, which I still feel horrible about. I did apologize and offered to do whatever was reasonable to help, but there's not really anything else I can do. I hope karma doesn't hold all that against me. I didn't mean to hurt him, but I was also in a more negative place then too and he was an innocent victim. I am currently pretty into a fellow hasher and really want him to decide to make things official (whatever that means) with me. I'm trying to take on the attitude that I WILL get married and love is manifesting in my life as we speak (hopefully with him, but for sure with someone I'm attracted to).
Finished grad school, currently figuring out what to do about my licensing exam. Hopefully by January, I'll know a bit more about what this guy thinks and, do I get an internship here in Texas, or a job with hours that count, or will I move out of state before next fall? I've pretty much determined that I'll just hang out here, unless love has me move elsewhere. I'm hoping for the move and for love. I know love will happen either way (positive thinking).


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