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Knowledge Is Power

and I am the Proletariat

Captain Popetastic
28 April 1978
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I'm just your average, down to earth Midwestern girl tryin to make it out here on the West Coast.
I'm always up for meeting new people who aren't assholes, so feel free to add me as a friend!
affection, albinism, angels, animals, anti asian fetishists, astrology, astronomy, attentive men, baba booey, beach vollyeball, beaches, beautiful views, beer, being a dork, being loved, bellydancing, ben & jerry's, betsey johnson, blues, boating, brilliance, cats, cerebral guys, chakra candles, cheap drinks, cheers reruns, cheesecake, cheesehead culture, cherry coke, cherry pie, chocolate milk, classic rock, cold beers, comedy, communication, cuddling, dancing, day dreaming, daydreaming, devil duckies, dreams, dressing sexy, evil, family guy, fantasy, flafla flowfly, food, free food, friends, fun things, funny porn, fuzzy things, geeky guys, genetics, gentlemen, ghosts, good deals, good food, good porn, green bay, hamster boy, happiness, happy hours, hard cider, hasidim, history, holding hands, honesty, hoochie haters, hot tubs, howard stern, ice cream, insence, intelligence, intuition, iowa, judaism, kissing, kitties, kitty whiskers, large craniums, laughing, lava lamps, louie, lynyrd skynyrd, making up silly songs, midwest summers, movies, music, my ghetto booty, mystical ruins, nerds, nice people, non-spinstery activities, non-whores, occult bookstores, our lord and savior, pale skin admirers, passion, pasta, paw pads, pedicures, people watching, pretty lights, psychic powers, psychology, purple things, rain, riley martin, ronnie van zant, roseanne reruns, sanity, scary stories, sex, shiny things, sleeping, sleeping in, sleepovers, snow, snuggling, socializing, sociology, south park, spirit guides, spirits, spirituality, spooning, stars, staying up, summer, sweet guys, sweetheart necklines, sylvia browne, the afterlife, the beach, the midwest, the packers, the simpsons, the smell of rain, the south, thunderstorms, touch, uniqueness, unselfish guys, warm summer nights, wine, world religions, your mom