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In over my head
Holy crap! I applied for this job on Craigslist to be the director of education at at church, pretty much on a whim, and they actually want me to come in for an interview. Technically I have the right qualifications, but they'll probably think I'm too young and inexperienced. If I got that job, that would be insane. It would work with Sean's new work schedule, which would be a big plus. I hope I don't bomb the interview. Would definitely be a step up from the whole UCSD admin thing. Bleh!
Sean just spent about 3 hours working on this huge lump of crap I often refer to as my computer. He was very patient with it. It is sooo old and slow, I really need one that was made this century (literally). So now loading webpages has gone from the pace of watching the grass grow, up to watching water boil, so that's good.
Our weekend was really fun, as usual. Went to a superbowl party with a bunch of couples in their 30s. Monday was focused on electronics. He convinced me to get a little pink Zen Mp3 player, which is quite cute, but I'm technologically challenged, so I still need to figure out the little guy. Hmm, I guess we didn't do a whole lot after all, but it's still nice to spend time with him. I'm still a little bit at a distance and confused, since we still aren't official after 4 1/2 months, but I guess all I can do is enjoy our time together and try to be as positive as I can.
I guess I'll have to keep that attitude for my impending interview.


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