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Nervous and hoping
This is kind of fun & interesting to revisit. A little hard to concentrate, as I sing along with my online playlist. My Arkansas guy is coming to visit, as he has a race near Houston, and he gets in supposedly sometime tonight. Yes, I'm still seeing him. I am, however, very nervous, as this Monday will mark our 6 month point of dating, (or I should say, at least since meeting at Clear Fork), and guys tend to bail at 6 months. This journal is interesting, because I had thought that Sean loser bailed a bit after 6 months, and from my sad posts before, it looks like he bailed a little sooner than that. So today, I'm killing time, putting off doing my nails & paying rent, as I wait nervously for my Arkansas visitor. He is clearly a better person than that Sean loser (as most people are), so lets hope he sticks around with me. I was going to spend time cleaning my closet, but that poor cleaning girl did that for me yesterday. Poor thing, probably thinks I'm some messy spoiled brat, which I suppose I am. She saved me a lot of aggravation though. Some good karma points for her!
In other big news, I passed my driving exam, finally! Who knows if I will ever be blessed with a car, again, lets hope! But, that has been a huge hurtle for me, as I can also see in my past journal entries. Even just passing is a huge step in gaining independence & feeling good about myself, less trapped, etc.
I am also two classes into my DR certification. Interestingly enough, they seem to be more helpful in this program than counseling. I enjoy counseling a bit more so far, but this is interesting & it is nice to be around helpful and understanding professors and staff. Lets hope this works out for me as well.
As always, I hope I can be happy in life and continue to conquer my hurtles and keep achieving my goals. I really hope I'm never as unhappy again as I was in my past entries on here.


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